Health and Safety Reviews

These Annual Reports are available to Shareholders, Directors, Managers, Foremen, Supervisors, Safety Officials and Customers: 

May 2004

Lesedi Drilling completed its first year of operation with its safety record in reasonable shape. The start up of a new company is particularly difficult from a safety perspective as new teams of work groups establish their lines of communication and procedures and assess each others risk profiles. The low levels of employment in South Africa result in the production of fraudulent training certificates and a number of people had to be demoted or dismissed.

 June 2004 to May 2005

I am pleased to report that the shaft safety meetings are held regularly at the shafts on which we operate and members make valuable suggestions relating to safety issues. The holding of quarterly regional steering committee meetings ensure that management are vigilant with regard to the implementation of the company’s Safety Procedures as well as ensuring a mechanism to review the issues raised at the Shaft Level and the adoption of mechanisms to guarantee their implementation.

June 2005 to May 2006


Zero lost shift accidents

DIFR (Disabling Injury Frequency Rate) = 0

Number of employees increased to 261 from 124

Operating machines increased from 45 to 110.

June 2006 to May 2007


Two lost shift accidents

DIFR (Disabling Injury Frequency Rate) = 0.4

Number of employees increased from 261 to 370

Operating machines increased from 110 to 135.

July 2007 to June 2008


9 lost shift accidents

DIFR (Disabling Injury Frequency Rate) = 2.2

Number of employees stable at 370

Operating machines 135.

Worst set ever of accidents statistics for the company.

Regional Health and Safety - 2008

Minutes of the Health and Safety Meeting held in Orkney 22nd October 2008


Gordon Hogan

Chief Operating Officer


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