Quarterly Health and Safety Meeting Sep 2010

Minutes of the Meeting held in Johannesburg on Wednesday 1st September 2010.


Gordon Hogan (Chairman)

Dolf De Noon (Orkney Operations)

Peet Fouche (Welkom Operations)

John Phyfer (Zimele)    Padma Naidoo (Zimele)

Apologies: None

The Chairman opened the meeting by thanking the delegates for their attendance. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Matters arising.

1.    Rustenburg Operations. An audit done at Townlands resulted in a score of 53%. What the biggest problem may be is that our production people are not familiar with the new system. It was resolved to do a training session to improve the competence of the foremen and managers at Turffontein and Townlands. This was set up and scheduled for Thursday 9th September at Hunters Rest near Rustenburg.

2.    The system for Anglo Platinum is now complete and is ready for Roy Ellis audit 15th and 16th September. – John Phyfer.

3.    Padma did a presentation on the system but it was decided that training of management would take place at Hunters Rest.

1.    All Other Operations

The system needs to complete the following to be considered useable in the other areas.

- Electrohydraulic drills SOP’s Mamba Drills, Screw feed drills, LM Drills

-Lesson Plans for the above

- The Mamba Risk Assessment needs to be reviewed and the reviewer’s names need to be reflected on the document.

- In terms of the high pressure valves the Inspection and Maintenance register needs to accommodate the periodical testing of the High Pressure Valves.

Dolf De Noon undertook to obtain the LM information from Reynier and forward to John Phyfer.

Rustenburg Operations.


No incidents or accidents at Anglo Platinum operations were recorded. Planned task observations were produced for the quarter but Aquarius operations still need to start.Dempsey Fouche.


Orkney Operations.


1.    The Kopanang and Top Mine operations were brought into Lesedi from Diabore. Dolf De Noon explained to the meeting what was being done by Lesedi Drilling to bring these operations up to the Lesedi standards.

-       Rod catcher dollies had been installed on all up hole machines.

-       Face clamps were up to standard

-       Gas separators were being deployed at the rate of 5 per month.

2.    Lost shift accidents. Unfortunately 2 lost time accidents were recorded at the Kopanang shaft.

-       1st Accident. 18th June 2010. In this accident Mr. Baba Bonginkosi had his left small finger crushed when rods descended in an uncontrolled way from an uphole and caught his finger between the rods and the sidewall. Following this accident the deployment of rod catching devices on all ex Diabore machines was accelerated. The accident happened within a week of taking over the machines and operations.

-       2nd accident. 9th July 2010. This was almost an identical accident. The only difference was that the machine in question in this second accident was a hydraulic machine. As a result of the accident Mr. Makabeni had his left small finger amputated by a rod string falling out of an up hole. It is believed that the accident happened as a result of an hydraulic malfunction in the machine.

3.    Actions to curb future accidents of this nature.

-       All machines have been equipped with rod catching mechanisms.

-       A “Red zone” has been created behind the rods on all uphole’s. This will prevent any human body part coming between the rods and the footwall or sidewall.

Welkom Operations.


No incidents or accidents were recorded from this area of operations. The manager Peet Fouche presented the PTO’s for the operations. Shaft meeting minutes and area safety minutes will be attached to these minutes for future reference.


PMC Operations.



The chairman explained that Partners Drilling management would be used to ensure that operations at PMC could handle the technical requirements of the job.

Reynier Steenkamp needs to ensure that Piet Pieterse assesses the new operators on the project. Dolf De Noon undertook to get from Reynier the existing assessment records so that these can be loaded onto the new safety system.




1.    Appointment of a Safety Officer is outstanding. - GRH

2.    A procedure needs to be written up for holes deeper than 150m. De Noon, Fouche and Phyfer to finalise before next meeting in November.

3.    Each region needs to send a safety representative to future meetings.

4.    Regional meeting minutes and shaft meeting minutes need to be sent to GRH so that these can be filed along with the quarterly meeting minutes. De Noon. Fouche PDG and D.


NEXT MEETING Wednesday December 1st 2010.



Meeting closed at 1pm.



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