Quarterly Health and Safety Meeting June 2010

Minutes of the Quarterly Health and Safety Meeting held in Johannesburg 3rd June 2010 at 10H30.




GR Hogan Chairman                            PDG Fouché (Welkom Operations)

D De Noon (Orkney Operations)                                

J Phyfer Safety Officer




The Chairman welcomed the delegates.

1.     The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.


Regional Reports


Anglo Platinum Rustenburg


No incidents or accidents have occurred on operations at Anglo Platinum’s Townlands and Turffontein mines. (Khuseleka and Siphumelele Mines) during the last 12 months or for the last three years. This is a great achievement and the chairman congratulated management and supervision concerned.


Despite this achievement there remains some concerns.


 Anglo Platinum is trying to build a Code of Practise for their operations. This COP has to interface with the Lesedi system. Changing requirements continually during their build process means it is difficult to merge these systems.


It was decided that the upgraded Lesedi System needs to go live regardless. Dolf De Noon undertook to:


1.     Provide John Phyfer with updated comprehensive employee details. Full name, ID, company number, job function, years of service in the job, next of kin details, contact details, shaft employed at.

2.     Up-date the list of formal training received by the individuals listed above.

3.     Up-date the Inspection and Maintenance Register of critical machinery. Need to track changes of safety critical items.

(i)             Machine maintenance records

(ii)            Jaw changes rod puller, chuck, face clamp, rod catcher.

(iii)           Gas valves and hoses

(iv)          High pressure valves


These outstanding items will all have been delivered to John Phyfer by Friday 11 June.


TRAINING The new system will have up dated records relating to Standard Operating Procedures, PTO’s and more importantly training LESSON PLANS. –John Phyfer





·     Doornkop


No Incidents or accidents occurred. 


Free State



·     Tshepong

No incidents recorded for the period. At a safety function Lesedi employee Mr Sonjica was awarded a R1 000 prize for working safely.


·      Bambanani

No incidents or accidents were reported. 


·      Masimong

An accident occurred on the 24th May when a rod gripper assembly slid down the rod string and broke the figure of P A Tatiri. 5 shifts were lost as a result.

Action taken. A handle has been fitted to the Kempe rod puller. All Kempe rod pullers will be replaced with Shaw pullers. PEET FOUCHE TO ACTION.


·      Joel

No incidents or accidents were reported.  Phako was congratulated for achieving 2 007 accident free shifts.



·     Phakisa

No Incidents or accidents were reported. To date Phakisa has 1 337 accident free shifts. Deon Van Vuuren is congratulated for this achievement.


·      Target, Unicel, Merriespruit and Steyn Shafts. The foreman for these new shafts attended their first safety meeting on the 13th May in Welkom. The shafts have been in operation since mid January and no incidents of a safety nature occurred during the period. The chairman of the Free State meeting underlined the need to report near misses so that the company can be become aware of short comings in the system.




Vaal River


·     Moab


No accidents or incidents occurred during the last quarter or for the entire safety year since May 16th 2009. This is a very good effort.


The successful implementation of the rod catcher mechanism on up holes would appear to have significantly reduced (eliminated thus far) accidents and incidents on up holes. For the last 5 years 63% of all lost shifts were as a result of injuries related to rods descending out of an up hole in an uncontrolled fashion.


Gt Noligwa.


No operational incidents have occurred on this new contract but two employees received light cuts and bruises from a rock burst induced fall of ground


Palabora Mining Company.


The chairman reported that a outside assessor had examined the workforce at PMC and passed them out as competent to operate the LM70 and LM 90 drills.No safety incidents had been recorded on the contract which started in early February 2010.



Two Rivers

No incidents or accidents were reported.  There are 4 machines drilling currently.





1.     The appointment of a safety officer is now urgent as the company has grown strongly during the last 6 months. Drilling metres and revenue have almost doubled since the end of last year. Dolf De Noon has the CV of a potential candidate.


2.     The new safe operating procedures need to be signed off. John Phyfer to prepare them for signing.


3.     A procedure needs to be written for up holes which are deeper than 150m. The equipment needed for such depth needs to be specified as does any change in operating procedures. J Phyfer, Dolf De Noon and Peet Fouche to meet and prepare these procedures before the end of June 2010.


4.     G Hogan to complete the Health and Safety report for 2010.


5.     OSHAS 18 001 to be assessed and obtained for the Rustenburg and Orkney areas before the end of the 1st Quarter 2011.