Shareholders & BEE


Lesedi Drilling started out as a black Empowered organisation in 2002 but as has happened countless times in the mining industry, the original black shareholders sold their shares forcing the company to find new BEE partners. It was decided in 2012 that the most deserving partners that Lesedi Drilling could find were the people who were employed by the company. Our employees trust was created and at the time of its creation 95% of the employees were black. This percentage black shareholding is guaranteed in the Trust document no matter what level white employee’s makeup of the total number of employees in the future..

Salome Malema is a black South African female who serves as the CEO of Lesedi Drilling.

The current shareholders of the company are:

Shareholder No of shares(Old) No of shares(New) Type of shareholder

% Holding(Old)

% Holding(New)

Employees Share Trust 695 695 95% Black South African Males 25% 25%
Salome Malema 85 96 Black female 3% 3,5%
Gordon Hogan 448 504 White Male 16% 18,1%
Tony Nocton Smith 401 451 White Male 15% 16,2%
James Allan 117 0 White Male 4% 0%
Sustainable Empowerment Solutions 1034 1034 Financial Institution 37% 37%
TOTALS 2780 2780   100% 100%


The effective holding by BEE entities is thus 695 shares * 95% + 85 (Salome Malema) = 745 shares or 26.8% of the company. Whilst Lesedi Drilling has a number of disabled employees they are represented in the Employees Trust.

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