01 February 2011


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Kopanang Achievements

1 000 000 Fatality-free shifts at Moab Khotsong

Hydraulic Drilling at Moab Khotsong

  2011 Safety Plan 

Lesedi`s vision to obtain OHS&S 18001 Certification in March 2011 is a great challenge and has resulted in many hours of planning, consulting and hard work.

With the implementation, new training programmes will be held to assist and equip Lesedi`s employees to meet all the requirements of a safe and profitable company.

Two internal audits were conducted at both Orkney and Rustenburg, where the program was implemented, in order to determine any shortcomings. All efforts are currently focused to rectify these shortcomings to meet our target date for the audit.

With the well-known enthusiasm and loyalty of Lesedi`s employees, the implementation of our safety program and OHS&S 18001 Certification will be a success.


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The Christmas and New Year break came and went with its usual style and hurry. I trust everybody had a very relaxing and festive break with friends and family. But the New Year is indeed here, and at Lesedi Drilling we are all back in the saddle and rearing to go to make progress towards meeting the budgets for 2011. We wish everybody a very safe and prosperous 2011 and are extremely optimistic about the year ahead.

Kopanang Achievements

We ran an article in a previous newsletter reporting on the magnificent achievement of the Kopanang Team when they drilled a record 5 100m in September 2010. We are pleased to report that this achievement was not a flash in the pan.

In January of this year, the Kopanang Geosciences Manager, Brenda Freese, reported that the same team had been consistent in delivering excellent productivity throughout the year.

Brenda’s 2010 budget of 35 000m of AXT drilling was thought by the consulting geologists to be extremely ambitious because it represented a 71% increase over the previous year. The consultants argued that a two year build-up to this level of output may be more prudent. This put Brenda in a difficult situation but she and the Kopanang management team decided that the business imperative to drill the metres urgently was too high to ignore. Brenda put forward a convincing argument that the Kopanang drilling team could do the job.

She was right.

Team Kopanang drilled 35 555 metres against Brenda’s budget of 35 640 metres, which is a formidable achievement.

On behalf of the Lesedi team I would like to thank Brenda and AngloGold Ashanti Senior Management for their words of praise and encouragement. It is greatly appreciated



Congratulations to Moab Khotsong Mine and their management team for their 1 000 000 fatality-free shifts which was achieved in January. It’s great to be part of the effort to make our South African mines some of the safest in the world. Best of luck in achieving the next milestone of 1 250 000 shifts. We are with you all the way.

Hydraulic Drilling at Moab Khotsong 
Lesedi Drilling is currently working hard to deploy new generation hydraulic drills at Moab. Terry Adam was the visionary Moab Geosciences Manager who started working with us 5 years ago to improve productivity through the use of technology. We agreed with him that bonus schemes, modern motivational techniques, supervision and training all had their places in improving productivity but the only way to achieve a quantum leap in productivity and safety was to build a new machine.

The machine range – the Mamba Hydraulic 15kw, 22kw and 45kw drills was duly designed and built and tested at Anglo Platinum. It was modified and re-modified and finally the acceptable machine has found its way back to Moab. 

Also at Moab, Lesedi Drilling has taken over the mine’s fleet of LM machines. The change, which happened at very short notice, put a lot of strain on the available human resources required to staff the drills but everything was put in place by Christmas. Pictured below is the crew at 101 level who are drilling the LM 90 drill there. They managed an excellent output of 172m BX metres in 3 single shifts.



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