LM 75 hydraulic drill

Lesedi Drilling has one LM 75 and two LM 90 machines in its fleet of drills. 

The drills are of an identical design except that the LM 75 employs a 75KW motor and the LM 90 a 90 KW motor for greater depth of drilling.

The drills are electro hydraulic drills providing deep hole drilling reliably and economically. Each drill comes standard with logic controlled, automated rod handling and load sensing hydraulic circuitry which enables maximum power to be transmitted to the bit.

The drills are fitted with the 700 feed frame series which enables a 1.8 metre stroke of the rotation unit. The HQ rotation unit generates 1750 Nm torque and rotation speeds range from 0 to 1350 RPM. The machines are capable of drilling BQ or BT size rods to a depth of 1300 metres vertically down.

The machines require a fairly large “cubby” from which to operate. The height of the excavation should be 7 metres, the length 5 metres and the width 4 metres.

 The machines are equipped with electrically driven water pumps. The R 35 pumps deliver 140 litres of water per minute at 69 bars and have a power rating of 20 kW.

All electrical equipment is flame proofed.

 Depth of Drilling Capabilities

Rods    Depth (up)       Horizontal       Down

BQ      450m   920m   1320m

 NQ      290m   680m   1020m

 Weights and Dimensions

 Feed Frame                             

 Mass    234kg              

 Dimensions     W=700mm      H=840mm       L= 4800mm                                    

 Power Pack                             

Mass    1200kg                        


Dimensions     W=730mm      H=623mm       L=2200mm





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