Lesedi is equipped with a full range of underground drills, capable of drilling holes of up to 1 500 metres in length. The transport team brings the required drill on-site and the supervisor for the area marks out the position of the hole and installs the drill safely and at the required angle.

 Pneumatic Air Drills 

Underground diamond drilling in South Africa uses mainly pneumatically powered screwfeed machines, powered by 30kw air motors and generally capable of drilling 250m long holes using AXT diamond bits, reaming shells and AQ rods.

The air motor requires around 6 bar of air pressure and, at full power, uses 750 cfm of air. Lesedi Drilling owns 120 of these machines. The fleet consists of 30 MetreEater rigs built by Boart Longyear and 90 Kempe U39 and U2 drill rigs.

 Hydraulic Screwfeed Drills

In those sections of the mine where air pressure is a problem, the screwfeed drill motor is replaced by a hydraulic motor, powered by a 35KW hydraulic power pack. The drill has similar operational performances as the air machine. The hydraulic motor on the drill develops 30kw, giving depth ratings of around 250m. The only marked difference is that the drill is not affected by inconsistencies in mine air pressure feed. Lesedi Drilling operates seven of these rigs.

Hydraulic Drills

For large-diameter holes underground, powerful drills of 75KW, 90KW and 150KW are used. Lesedi owns an LM 75 hydraulic drill which is capable of drilling BQ size holes to 1 200 metres. The machine will drill NQ to around 750m and HQ to around 450m. 




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